Monday, November 29, 2010


YS Jaganmohan Reddy has left the Congress and the Lok Sabha, and they that much more difficult for new Prime Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy to settle in. If Jagan together with rich friends in the BJP, he can pull some wonderful surprises.

Jagan faces considerable hostility in the party after the death of his father YS Rajashekhar Reddy in 2009. 38-year-old Jagan was the first time MP, and his father looked at the place, but the country's high command chose a more experienced K Rosaiah the leading country. Angry that Jagan was once seen as a maverick in Congress. Many people in the country felt Jagan was too much haste to be first minister, but only last week, Sonia Gandhi chose Kiran Kumar Reddy to take over as chief minister Rosaiah, mainly due to health reasons and resigned.

Jagan YSR father never lost the elections of 30 years and has built a strong foundation for him and his party. Wikipedia reports 714 people died, a blow or committing suicide after the death YSR in a helicopter crash in September 2009. This may be exaggerated, and Deccan Chronicle puts the figure at 141. Although the figures may be disputed, can not be denied that the mass base YSR, Jagan, who he thinks he has inherited. Thousands continue to gather Jagan trips, and so Congress and the new Prime Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy, were carefully enter when you had to deal with his faction.

At the end of last week, Congress announced a cabinet bed Vivekananda Reddy, Jagan and YSR brother's uncle. The country hopes many people in the camp Jagan their loyalty will be redirected to the new Prime Minister. Sakshi, a television channel owned by the family of Jagan, Sonia Gandhi criticized last week, and offers an opportunity to conference rival leaders to demand action against him.

Some analysts believe that Congress was shot in the foot by forcing Jagan to stop. The Mint says:

(Political Analyst) V. Narasimha Rao said that the strategy can advance to the Party Congress. "All said and done, Jagan was the only leader of the Congress in the state, which enjoys great popularity and the audience follows. Instead of always the public will rally behind Jagan, Congress leadership is resorting to shortcut," said Rao. "The leadership of Congress may be temporarily successful in its strategy. But once the new government of Kiran Kumar Reddy said there will be a divisive and very disappointed by the legislators can begin to unite behind Jagan again."

Reports indicate, Jagan to float a new party. Chiranjeevi, Telugu film superstar wore one part in 2008. He met with marginal success, winning only 18 seats in the 295-member Andhra Pradesh Assembly. But what Congress is concerned that Jagan money, and muscles, and a powerful political caste. The money came from powerful business interests within their caste, the caste system and preferred to support cross country borders. (New Prime Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy also belongs to the same caste and the Congress hopes that his candidacy will help mat Jagan).

Jagan father had close ties with the Reddys in Bellary, and when he dies, he is starting a huge steel plant in Kadapa. Bellary in neighboring Karan Attack and Reddy brothers are among the most competitive BJP. Children of police officers who have acquired enough wealth to be able to control the Karnataka government and the manipulation of the composition.

Open magazine reports:

Recently, when the brothers together and Jagan Reddy Brahmani Steel, a Rs 30,000 Crore project in Kadapa auction, they invented more than a business partnership. "We are aware of money and they will influence the community use the PA Reddy. We are ready to put it," admits a senior Congress leader in AP, not to be named.

The magazine also stated that Jagan could help BJP leaders from across the border, and to pull a coup. This will not be easy, since the movement for separate state Telangana own leaders are waiting a chance to seize power, but Kiran Kumar Reddy is certainly very difficult opponents as a result of resignation Jagan face.


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