Tuesday, November 30, 2010

China Against UNSC Expansion

WASHINGTON: China has expressed concern over building momentum for UN Security Council reform and the United States asked not to be "active" on the issue in trade between the two countries in April 2009, according to diplomatic cable released by Wikileaks.

Exchange before the recent policy changes of the Obama administration leads to support India's permanent membership of Security Council bid (announced by U.S. President during his visit to New Delhi), but understanding the Chinese offer more than the fear of violation of status quo that ensures continuous permanent seats with veto power rights to P-5.

Although India is the Security Council aspirations are not subject to debate, Beijing is clear that Japan is not ready to receive an overall solid club.

Chinese view on the matter contained in the April 30, 2009 cable, which is expressed as an anonymous employee of a dinner organized by the American Charge d'Affairs, which discussed a wide range of issues before the summit of the G-20.

Secret U.S. cable reads: China was hit by a "push", which is building the UN Security Council reform, which is not good "for P-5, XXXXXXXXXXXX said. China wants the U.S. to its position on the UN Security Council reform should be maintained and be "proactive" in the case, which the PRC feared might lead to resolution of the UN General Assembly on this issue. P-5 "club" should not "dilute" XXXXXXXXXXXX said. If we end up with a "P-10" China and the U.S. is in trouble. "
Moreover, (the cable carries Chinese official, as I said) it would be difficult for the Chinese audience to accept Japan as a permanent member of the Security Council.

Cable record CDA in response that the United States (U.S.) administration is reviewing its policy on the UN Security Council expansion completed, so we have a position on specific proposals. " However, the United States believe that UN members should be allowed to express their opinions freely and openly, without undue influence P-5.

Moreover, cable reads as follows: In Japan, charging said that while no decision had been taken on which countries for permanent membership of support

Security Council, it was difficult to extend the Council did not include Japan, which is the second largest importer in the UN budget in mind.
The same cable also shows that the U.S. tried to find a new way of supply-Pak Af of China, Beijing flattering, giving greater support to the crisis region.

The cable reads as follows: Costs noted that although XXXXXXXXXXXX is unable to create new money for Afghanistan announced during the conference on April 17 Donors' Conference of Pakistan, China still has the opportunity to contribute to security and stability as Afghanistan and Pakistan. One way to do is to agree to re-supply route from China to USA. troops in Afghanistan.

Re-supply route question XXXXXXXXXXXX, that China would like a list of items that can be performed on the proposed route to see, noting that "non-lethal" is broad and vague.


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