Friday, November 19, 2010

India, Pakistan Hockey Match On Saturday

Guangzhou: India and Pakistan reject proposals withstand nerves as bitter rivals tuned for an explosive collision hockey in the Asian Games on Saturday.

In Group B match in the hockey stadium Aoti, where the winner will book a semifinal spot, Pakistan allows to avenge two humiliating defeat at the hands of India this year.

India won 4-1 at the World Championships in March and then handed out a 4.7 hammering of the Games last month, both times at home in New Delhi.

Pakistanis, who returned home from New Delhi complained of rude behavior by Indian fans of the game, I hope to turn tables on neutral ground.

"If we play as good as we are capable off, we give the Indians a good response," said Pakistan coach Michel van den Heuvel. "We have a team in the tournament."

The Dutchman, who took over after former champ finished last at the World Cup, said beating India's only part of the plan, as the champions will have direct access to the Olympic Games in London.

"Every team knows how important this tournament," he said. "That's why we have prepared well."

Pakistan, the last of his seven gold medals at Asian Games in Beijing, won in 1990, no bag big title of World Cup victory in Sydney in 1994.

Pakistan captain Zeeshan Ashraf is confident before key clashes.

"We're not nervous," he said. "India is a good team but we have planned for this match. Spirit is high after our two wins here."

Pakistan showed their awesome power when Hong Kong 12-0 destroyed before recording the moral improvement 8-2 victory semifinal rivals Japan on two consecutive days.

Veteran penalty corner degree Sohail Abbas recalled to the team after the Games lead charge with two goals in every game.

"We have special tactics for India," said 35-year-old, who started the tournament as leading scorer with 306 all sports.

India, who also made an impressive start by beating Hong Kong 7-0 Bangladesh 9-0 and conceded the presence of Mahmoud Abbas have raised Pakistanis.

"They seem otherwise Sohail", said captain Rajpal Singh. "We are also performing well, but this will be a tough game."

Rest of the teams fate for the performance of Abbas and his Indian counterpart penalty corner, Sandeep Singh, who has six goals in two games.

Rajpal said victory over Pakistan this year his team was inspired, but warned against complacency.

"This is a new game and both teams start with a line 0-0," the Indian captain said. "In a country where pressure behave better will win."

performance of India in the tournament will decide the fate of Spanish coach Jose Brasa, whose two-year contract expires after the games.

"I want to continue with India, but my priority now is to ensure the team is good here," said Brasa ....


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