Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rules Designed To Prevent Abuse In Chinese Zoos

BEIJING - In Sanxia wildlife park in central China has two shows a day in the lead with 10 animals. But this is not playful dolphin jumps in the air at Sea World.
In Sanxia, cycling monkeys and lions were forced to jump through hoops of fire. The main rave how they show a lion, a lion fighting a trainer to turn it into a full somersault love.

"Many visitors enjoy animal shows," said Qin Maolin, manager of the park. "Animals are mainly engaged in carrying on vacation ... and when they are tired, we rest."

The popularity of the parks as Sanxia explains why China can not ban zoo concerts soon, although those provisions of most public manifestations of cruelty be prohibited by forcing box bears and elephants stand on their heads.

"We definitely need better treatment of animals welcomed, but our main concern is whether these new regulations can be implemented effectively," said Jeff He, China, communications manager for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, an action group which has tried to seal off fox hunting in Canada and the United Kingdom.

"China is an independent, unified and integrated legislation to prevent cruelty to all animals."

Referring to kill animals, human injury, the Chinese Housing and Urban Rural Development, Ministry drew up "proposals for further strengthening of the zoo management, which require zoos to animal performances to stop during a three period beginning on October 18 check. An Animal Protection Act covers all forms of abuse remain in the design phase. Among the abuses reported before the rules:

• Eleven endangered Siberian tigers are dying of hunger in the cash-strapped park in northeastern Liaoning Province, to where they were fed chicken bones.

• In Heilongjiang Province, authorities uncovered a mass grave of animals - including lions, tigers and leopards - who died of disease and malnutrition in the wildlife park.

• Chinese media reported that more parks, people can live animals such as chickens, goats and cows now to see them fed to big cats.

Under the new rules, such as zoos do not make changes to meet the new guidelines, they risk being registered or prisons.

The rules also prohibit the sale of wildlife products and services to wild animals in zoos restaurant, which is not uncommon in zoos in China.

The last lines follow similar efforts in August and September of animals indicates abuse, which are controlled by the Chinese State Forestry Bureau and the Ministry of Agriculture on the curb.

Yet much of the agencies involved in animal control and the absence of binding legal abuse challenges of animal welfare in China to celebrate, say activists.

Animal rights are often neglected in China, where, despite growing economy, the average citizen a $ 3,000 earned in 2009, according to the National Statistical Office.

Animals Asia Foundation, Hong Kong-based group, a study of 13 zoos and safari parks in China and said the animals were beaten by teachers and live in poor conditions. The foundation is known for its success to the free Asian black bears from bile farms in China and Vietnam, where animals are kept in small cages and their gallbladder juice - produced by the implanted tube - sold as traditional Chinese medicine.

"This is unfortunate, miserable existence," said David Neal, welfare director of the Foundation, making a lot of animals in zoos and parks in Chinese.

Yet, for every show, the audience was happy to enjoy, "he said. "It comes down to consumer demand. The exhibition will continue to be put on a strong law to ban them."

Shows animals continue despite the new rules. Circuses stage most of their appearances in Chinese zoos and strongly opposed the ban. They argue that keeping animals in cages is another form of cruelty, but teaching them circus skills to make them the "animal star," said the China Art News.

Jeff He remains optimistic.

"The whole country wakes up and greater attention to animal health issues," he said.

Qing concerns about the future when the state tears too hard.

"We will lose visitors if you must stop," said Qin.

On Sunday, Chin said the animal park has stopped performing this month at the request of the local bureau of forestry. But park representative reached the common telephone line, said the execution should continue, including new bear routine


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