Friday, November 26, 2010

Mexico Strengthens Its Security Operation In Northeastern

The Mexican government announced today that it has enhanced security force drug torn country to the northeast, sending more troops and federal police of the States of Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas.Alejandro Poire, security spokesman for the federal government in accordance with the aims of the movement is to hold criminals to collect, according to an official Notimex news report did not say how many soldiers Agency.But will be included.

The area was the scene of bloody clashes between the Gulf cartel and the Zetas. Tamaulipas is a state in which the 72 Central and South American migrants were found dead in August.Poire said Mexican authorities have dealt severe blows have weakened the group, but the violence shows little sign of subsiding. In response to reports, the Governor of Tamaulipas, Eugenio Hernandez, the governor of Nuevo León, Rodrigo Medina, promised to form a common front with federal authorities in the fight against organized crime, Notimex reported.

The two leaders also requires action to reduce social tensions along the northern border and the smuggling of weapons south to decrease. Hernandez asked the northern border to be sealed with arms and money to prevent the land, told Notimex. He also requested the establishment of mechanisms to work with the U.S. government to co-ordinate the orderly return of undocumented Mexicans in the U.S.. This year, he said, U.S. authorities will repatriate some 700,000 illegal Mexicans, many of whom return without resources, greater social pressure to present a border town.

For its part, Rodrigo Medina said the need for new security associated employment opportunities, training, culture and development - helping young people to participate in organized crime.More than 28000 people have been killed in drug-related violence since Mexican President Felipe Calderon The government intensified its fight against drug cartels and organized crime after taking office in December 2006, according to government figures.


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