Saturday, November 27, 2010

South African Brain Drain Generation Back Home

London, England (CNN) - with the ongoing economic crisis in Europe and the United States, South Africa, enticing thousands of emigrants at home.

Over the past 15 years, South African Nick DURRANT said house in London.

During this time he built the company bought property and started a family in the footsteps of hundreds of thousands of other professionals who left South Africa in countries like Britain and Australia, fearing crime and domestic instability back.

But it is one of increasingly returning home.

An NGO set up to encourage people to settle in South Africa says it is 80% increase in issues moving backwards compared with two years ago, I saw - and most of these issues are from the UK.

"I always think in my mind, I wanted to go back. This is the beginning of the end of the day," said DURRANT CNN he was ready to leave London and return to start life in Cape Town.

"There is this migration of my friends who leave the UK over the past two years," he said. "I think the recession that triggered off, and many of them have returned and have nice things to say and have fun there."

In 2009 it was estimated that about 20 per cent of professionals have left the country since 1995. Approximately 800,000 white, with a total population of four million white, is believed to have left the country.

From one of the most common causes are crimes. South Africa has some of the highest in the world of murder, rape and other serious crimes. Other experts were concerned that their career opportunities may be limited by positive action by the government.

All these issues are in London an attractive option for thousands of South Africans the right to British passports.

But it can turn the tide, a combination of economic and social factors create pressure from countries like Britain and the trek to South Africa.

A recent survey showed employment more than 100 000 South African job seekers are expected to return home this year.

Gordon Glyn-Jones, who works on South African newspaper in London, also noticed that he has left to offer more and more friends.

"I think that some economies have played a role in the recession. Making a living here is not as lucrative as it was before. Potential after the World Cup there are more opportunities in South Africa," he said.

But the decision to return is not necessarily easy.

"If you go live in South Africa is committed to other species living in post-colonial state. We live in a country which has incredible difficulty of politics," said Glyn-Jones.

"To some extent, many people react to it very well. This is very exciting. Everything has been tested in Europe, but I believe there are great opportunities in Africa."

For multinational companies looking for personnel, attracting countries like South Africa to keep clear.

"Africa as a growing market offers much more than it was 2-3 years, Stuart Clarkson, CEO of Siemens Southern Africa, told CNN.

"It offers a much higher growth than some of the more traditional markets and that is generating increased interest for the African market at the moment."

Andile Ndlovu, an inspector who came to London to work in construction, I see many opportunities in their homeland.

When economic crisis hit the UK in 2007 he found himself a job. He has since become a partner in the new company, but he was frustrated by limited opportunities in the UK, and seeks to understand what South Africa might like.

"You can go back home, the ship that you've learned again and open her own home, and people. As for as I understand, South Africa, many small businesses face," he told CNN.

Concerns about the future of the country are not completely eliminated. Crime rates remain high and issues such as affirmative action still involves a lot of white.

As DURRANT prepares to leave, he hopes his former fears were unfounded.

"South Africans are big sit here and just look at the negative things," he said.

"All the things that people think will happen does not happen. It is always difficult when you are lifting your family and your whole life here and move back home and this will take some time to adjust to this . It is only natural and I look forward to it. "


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