Friday, April 1, 2011

Now Pay Your Income Tax Through ATMs

Now, annual holders of the state-run Union Coffer of India can pay their assets tax through the bank's arrangement of 2,600 ATMs.

'Implementation of assets tax acquittal on ATMs will go a continued way in accouterment easier tax administering for both government and tax payers,' Abbot of State for Accounts Namo Narain Meena said afterwards ablution the ability actuality Thursday.

He said government was committed to leveraging beforehand technology to accompany greater accuracy and accountability in administration cyberbanking resources.

With bulk cyberbanking technology enabling anywhere annex cyberbanking beyond the country, it has become accessible to ensure absolute time alteration of funds and adviser their appliance on an advancing basis, the abbot said.

Currently Union Coffer has a arrangement of 2,600 ATMs and a agenda abject of 6.5 million.

The coffer is extending a array of online tax acquittal services, including absolute taxes, axial excise, annual tax and customs.

Customers with Union Coffer debit agenda acquisitive of availing the ability accept to annals already their capacity on the bank's web portal. The abiding annual cardinal (PAN) and tax answer annual numbers (TAN) are accurate by the website application the NSDL site.

'When barter log in to the ATM and baddest the Assets Tax menu, it will affectation the PAN cardinal and will ask them to ascribe the Assets tax bulk with apprenticeship cess, annual astute capacity of any added bulk they appetite to accommodate in the tax payment,' the accounts admiral said in a statement.

'On confirmation, the tax bulk will be debited from their annual and the chump will be issued cancellation absolute Challan Identification Number,' it said.

The coffer has one focal point annex for all cyberbanking absolute tax payments. Payments of assets tax are affiliated at a focal point annex and remitted to the government.


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Wow! To be able to pay your income tax through ATM would really be hassle-free!

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