Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jackson Committed Suicide Over Finances

The attorneys of Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's doctor, accept appear that the backward King of Pop ability accept committed suicide over his banking woes.

Defence advocate Ed Chernoff said his client, who is answerable with automatic manslaughter, was not amenable for the pop superstar's afterlife in 2009.

He claimed that Jackson was so agitated about the accompaniment of his diplomacy he took his own life, letters

'The body of the defence is activity to be that Michael Jackson affianced in a atrocious act and took atrocious measures that acquired his death. We accept at the time Michael Jackson died he was a atrocious man in affiliation to his banking affairs,' Chernoff told Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor.

However, Deputy District Attorney David Walgren has against the claims, adage the defence is artlessly staging 'an extraneous sideshow' aimed at confusing the board from the key affair of the trial.


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