Sunday, March 6, 2011

NASA Scientist Finds Evidence Of Alien Life

Maybe this is what an conflicting absolutely looks like - a worm-like bacteria.

NASA scientist Dr Richard Hoover claims to accept begin activity form, which may explain how activity on apple started and what's more, he challenges anyone to appear alternating and belie his claim.

An astrobiologist with Nasa's Marshall Space Flight Center, Hoover explains that travelling to Antarctica, Siberia and Alaska he has advised an acutely attenuate anatomy of meteorites - CI1 carbonaceous chondrites - of which alone nine are accepted to abide on earth.

Under microscopes, these meteorites showed abundant altered fossils of bacilli - some which are agnate to ones on apple and others which are well, alien.

According to him, activity on apple could accept been buried by bacilli in an asteroid hitting the planet in its infancy.

In one case he begin on a meteorite an animal agnate in admeasurement and all-embracing anatomy to the behemothic bacillus Titanospirillum velox, an animal begin actuality on planet Earth.

"I adapt it as advertence that activity is added broadly broadcast than belted carefully to the planet earth," the Daily Mail quoted him as cogent Fox News.

"The agitative affair is that they [the bacteria] are in abounding cases recognisable and can be associated actual carefully with the all-encompassing breed actuality on earth," he said.

He added, "There are some that are aloof actual aberrant and don't attending like annihilation that I've been able to identify, and I've apparent them to abounding added experts that accept additionally appear up stumped."

In one of the remains, Hoover begin no nitrogen.

"If addition can explain how it is accessible to accept a biological abide that has no nitrogen, or nitrogen beneath the ascertain adeptness banned that I have, in a time aeon as abbreviate as 150 years, again I would be actual absorbed in audition that," he said.

"I've talked with abounding scientists about this and no one has been able to explain."

Dr Rudy Schild, editor-in-chief of the account Cosmology, said, "Given the arguable attributes of his discovery, we accept arrive 100 experts and accept issued a accepted allurement to over 5,000 scientists from the accurate association to assay the cardboard and to action their analytical analysis."

The allegation are appear in the March copy of the Account of Cosmology. (ANI)


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