Monday, March 14, 2011

Kamal's Date With Student

A few weeks aback Ultimate brilliant Ajith had visited an Engineering academy and interacted with acceptance on aero modeling, a accountable which is actual abutting to his heart. Abutting on the heels of Ajith, Ulaga Nayagan Kamal was at the SRM University to inaugurate the additional copy of civic akin cultural anniversary Milan ’09 on Friday, the 13th.

The army of about 10,000 went into raptures the moment Kamal took to the mike and the clap acclaim accomplished a acme back the amateur started acclamation the army in Tamil. With his brand baritone, Kamal said, I accede myself a apprentice of cinema. I bow afore the faculty, administration and all for this adulation I am accepting from you.

He added said that admitting he is a aerial academy bead out bodies alarm him scientist as he never stops learning. This inter-college culturals was abounding by added than sixty colleges from all over the country.


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