Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kareena: 'I'm Glamorous, Not sexy!'

While best would die for the tag, Kareena Kapoor is "embarrassed" to be alleged 'Bollywood's Sexiest Woman', a appellation conferred aloft her by a arch blur magazine.

Present at the barrage of the magazine's most recent affair featuring her on the cover, Bebo told associates of the press, "Yes, I'm glamorous, but I don't apperceive about sexy. Alluring is the appropriate chat to use, rather than sexy. But of advance it's a compliment. I don't anticipate it has annihilation to do with my concrete attributes. I anticipate it has added to do with my assignment and achievements. Physically, I can't accept that I'd be alleged sexy."

Saif's adult adulation lived up to her appellation as she airish for the shutterbugs dressed in a beauteous red gown. But Kareena appear that her admirer prefers her in Indian attire.

"Saif consistently tells me whenever we're activity out, 'Please abrasion a saree!' back I beatific him a photograph of what I'm cutting today, he said, 'No! Abrasion a saree!' He was actual blessed with a annual cover, because I'm cutting a saree," she said

When asked about the Chote Nawaab's acknowledgment to the title, Kareena said, "I achievement Saif agrees with my 'Sexiest Woman' tag!" Which man wouldn't?


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