Thursday, January 20, 2011


TANU WEDS MANU will see the beginning bond of Kangna Ranaut and R Madhavan. However, a little accepted actuality is that TANU WEDS MANU was beforehand blue-blooded MANU WEDS TANU.

The director, Anand Rai acquainted the appellation MANU WEDS TANU was adapted and was alike assertive about it. However, Kangna who plays the appearance of Tanu in the blur insisted that the appellation should be TANU WEDS MANU and not MANU WEDS TANU as the account and anecdotal unfolds from Tanu's point of view.

The administrator was awful abashed by this suggestion, he did not apperceive how to handle it.

However, he was in for a surprise, back he approached Kangna for a reason, she had a actual simple one. She acquainted that her character, Tanu which is a baby town, agrarian girl, is the one in the advantageous position throughout the film, and Madhavan's appearance Manu is apparent as a simple, NRI boy. So TANU WEDS MANU shows Tanu as the one in the advantageous position, and MANU WEDS TANU as the appellation seemed a little off.

Interestingly back the administrator tentatively batten to Maddy, cerebration he would be upset, Maddy readily agreed with Kangna and saw the point immediately.

Says administrator Anand Rai, "It's accurate that the blur was beforehand blue-blooded MANU WEDS TANU. However, we acquainted that TANU WEDS MANU was a added acceptable title, according to the demands of the script. So we absitively to go with TANU WEDS MANU."

Anand Rai anon saw the acumen in Kangna's suggestion, and absitively to change the appellation to TANU WEDS MANU.

TANU WEDS MANU releases on the 25th of February.


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