Friday, December 17, 2010

India Bent Kashmiri Detainees

London, Dec 17 (IANS) US diplomats were secretly abreast by agents of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) about the analytical corruption of detainees in Kashmir, according to adept cables appear by WikiLeaks. The dispatches acknowledge that US diplomats in Delhi were abreast by ICRC in 2005 about the use of electrocution, beatings and animal abasement adjoin hundreds of detainees, the Guardian appear Friday.

Other cables appearance that American diplomats, as afresh as 2007, were anxious about boundless animal rights abuses by Indian aegis forces, who they said relied on ache for confessions. The revelations appear at a time of acute acuteness in Kashmir afterwards renewed protests and abandon this year, the circadian said.

The best awful answerable celerity is acceptable to be an April 2005 cable from the US admiral in Delhi which letters that the ICRC had become balked with the Indian government which, they said, had not acted to arrest the 'continued ache of detainees'. The admiral appear the ICRC assured that India 'condones torture' and that the ache victims were civilians as militants were commonly killed.

The ICRC has a abiding action of agreeable anon with governments and alienated the media, so the appointment remained secret, the address said. An affront pitting agitator and Islamist militants - abounding accurate by Pakistan - adjoin aegis casework raged in Kashmir throughout the 1990s and into the aboriginal years of this decade. It claimed tens of bags of lives, including ample numbers of civilians who were targeted by both militants and aegis forces, according to the report.

The ICRC agents told the US diplomats they had fabricated 177 visits to apprehension centres in Jammu and Kashmir and abroad in India amid 2002 and 2004, and had met 1,491 detainees. They had been able to account 1,296 privately. In 852 cases, the detainees appear ill-treatment, the ICRC said. A absolute of 171 declared actuality baffled and 681 said they had been subjected to one or added of six forms of torture.

These included 498 on which electricity had been used, 381 who had been abeyant from the ceiling, 294 who had anatomy ashamed in their legs by bastille cadre sitting on a bar placed beyond their thighs, 181 whose legs had been connected by actuality 'split 180 degrees', 234 bent with baptize and 302 'sexual' cases, the ICRC were appear to accept told the Americans. 'Numbers add up to added than 681, as abounding detainees were subjected to added than one anatomy of (ill-treatment),' the cable said.

The ICRC said all branches of the Indian aegis armament acclimated these forms of ache and torture, adding: 'The corruption consistently takes abode in the attendance of admiral and ... detainees were not often militants (they are commonly killed), but bodies affiliated to or believed to accept advice about the insurgency.'

The cable said the bearings in Kashmir was 'much better' as aegis armament no best alive absolute villages in the average of the night and bedfast citizenry indiscriminately, and there was 'more artlessness from medical doctors and the police'. Ten years ago, the ICRC said there were some 300 apprehension centres, but there are now 'a lot fewer'. The organisation had never about acquired admission to the 'Cargo Building', the best belled apprehension centre, in Srinagar, the address said.

The corruption continued, they said, because 'security armament charge promotions,' while for militants, 'the affront has become a business'. In the aforementioned cable, American diplomats agreeably quoted media letters that India's again army chief, Lieutenant-General Joginder Jaswant Singh, had 'put animal rights issues at the centre of a (recent) appointment of army commanders'. The cables acknowledge a accurate US action of burden in Kashmir, while advancement a carefully aloof stance.


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